Meet the New Modern: 11 Essentials for an Instant Porch Upgrade


May 18, 2022


Isabelle Eyman

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Country, farmhouse, and bungalow porches all hold a special place in my heart. They evoke comfort and familiarity, prioritizing practicality and rustic charm. But when the warm weather hits, I instantly crave contemporary clean lines and fresh color palettes. In other words, a little modern luxury to welcome guests inside.

Oftentimes, the concern and hesitation with a more modern aesthetic is the harshness of its components and its tendency to err on the more jarring (re: hostile) side of things. That’s why, when Letterfolk brought the Tile Mat into my life, I fell hard and fast for its ability to balance beauty and functionality, and become an instant family-favorite that was completely customizable. The latter component has let my imagination run wild. And month after month, I love being able to design a modern heirloom that shifts with the seasons of my home.

So with the goal of inspiring creativity and drawing upon simpler times, the Tile Mat is a grounding, guiding addition to any front porch—and ranks #1 on my list of modern front porch ideas. While it certainly makes a statement on its own, adding a few supporting design elements is a surefire way to round things out for a more holistic, thought-out appearance. Read on for 11 modern front porch essentials that have let me—and will help you—welcome the summer season in style.

1: Letterfolk Tile Mat — from $75

The front porch is your opportunity to design a warm first impression. While the outside of your home may feel like a separate, divided area from the spaces within, maintaining a consistent design throughout is key. And sure, you may have modern front porch ideas on your mind, but it is possible to simultaneously express a little warmth and a lot of welcoming charm.

The Tile Mat helps you put all of that, very literally, into words. Its vintage, but timeless design lets you infuse a handmade feel into your modern porch, emphasizing a sense of place, community, and home. Step inside, joy awaits.

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2: Letterfolk The Poet Letter Board — $50

Just like the Tile Mat, the Poet is all about customizable creativity and versatile fun. For active social medialites and home decorists alike, this Letter Board gives your front porch a personal touch that can be as unique as your literature-lovin’ heart desires. Whether you opt for oak, aluminum, or a satin silver frame, the impact is distinctly modern—and a delightful addition to your front porch.

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3: Open Spaces Original Large Wire Baskets (Set of 2) — $64

Styled right, your front porch can function as an extension of the home. Rather than seeing it as a space to skim over, envision your porch as another room. If space allows, dedicate a seating area where you can relax and connect with friends walking by.

Of course, if you’re transforming your modern front porch into an additional room, be sure you’re set up with ample storage for the inevitable clutter that comes with everyday life. Easy-access wire baskets are perfect for stashing away cozy blankets, games, or anything you want to keep within reach.

4: Open Spaces Medium Storage Bins (Set of 2) — $54

Adamant about hiding away the aforementioned clutter? Durable, hard plastic bins keep contents concealed, creating a clean look that keeps your porch’s overall appearance minimal and chic. Bonus: The eyes of passerby will be drawn away from any sports equipment, play things, and other outdoor gear, giving them ample opportunity to take in your porch’s considered, modern design.

5: Open Spaces Entryway Rack — $184

Bring the indoors out. There’s no better way of extending the functional square footage of your home than with an outdoor living space. Up the cozy-and-inviting ante with this multi-use Entryway Rack that doubles as decor. While functioning as a home for shoes is the classic, go-to way to style the rack, I’m always one to encourage letting your creativity run wild. Plants and pots are an obvious favorite, and if your front porch is weather-proof, books and sentimental belongings make for a stunning display. Choose your own (Entryway Rack) adventure.

6: Open Spaces Nesting Trays Set of 3 — $48

These are the best friends of any and all surfaces in my home. This trio of trays redefine the meaning of home, helping even the smallest of objects find a place to call their own. If incense is a must on your front porch, store sticks and small burners on the largest tray. Or, if you’re a work-from-porch kind of person, the smaller tray keeps coffee and water glasses from leaving rings on your tabletops. Oh, and I’d be remiss not to cite the many days when these trays have kept my AirPods from going missing. However you style them, these Nesting Trays offer contemporary convenience—a must for any modern porch.

7: Revival Ceramics Ceramic Cylinder with Natural Teak Wood Stand — $199

Mid-century modern, meet your match. Bring a little effortless elegance to your porch with a masterpiece of clean lines and honest materials. Remember: While character is (highly) encouraged, if it’s a modern look you’re going for, ornate embellishments are to be avoided. But handcrafted charm? Always welcome.

8: Revival Ceramics Ceramics Round 2 Planter 6 Inch — $64

Sleek and sturdy, these planters function just as well inside as they do on your front porch. Opting for a statement-making stained floor? Selecting modern planters offers a bold, complementing dimension of interest. For a fully cohesive, modern impact, match your planters to your front door—olive, oatmeal, or a daring black are effective ways to precede the stylish rooms within. All that’s left is to become a proud (porch plant) parent.

9: Rooted 10" Philodendron selloum — $99

Apologies to friends living in cooler climates, your Philodendron will fare better indoors. But, if year-round, summer-like temps are your norm, permission granted to take your low-effort, high-reward plant pal outside. These fair-weather friends (in a literal sense only—they’ll be happy to reciprocate your love year round) start to get sad when things get chilly. So before transplanting a Philodendron to your front porch, make sure you’re in a good spot to do so. After that: minimal care, maximum results.

10: Hasegawa Lucano Stepstool 2 Step — $166

Functional furniture at its finest. This stepstool’s slim shape is decidedly modern, contributing a streamlined appearance to any and all front porches. Its versatility, however, is what earns this piece its spot in our roundup. Fold it up and hide it away or let it stand on its own, boasting a few well-positioned pots and planters to soften up a sleek space.

11: Rooted 4” Tradescantia nanouk — $25

A touch hardier than a Philodendron, with the proper care, your Tradescantia nanouk can thrive outdoors. As with most things in life, the success of this plant comes down to balance. Be mindful not to place it in direct sunlight, opting to situate your plant friend in a spot that gets light shade instead. And while florals and blooms detract from a modern aesthetic, this plant boasts a delicate striping and pink variegation, adding a little romance, whimsy, and character for good vibes, inside and out.

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