5 Ways to Communicate with Your Tile Mat


Jun 02, 2022



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In this age of “likes,” repins, GIFs, and endless scrolling, it can feel like a piece of humanity is missing from day-to-day communication. The art of personal touch seems to be a distant memory from the pre-social media days.

The Tile Mat brings personal touch and thoughtfulness into the 21st century in an unexpected way. Not only will our Tile Mat make even your loftiest front porch design ideas come true, the highly customizable nature of the Tile Mat serves as a unique way to communicate with the outside world. You can now infuse personal touch into even the most mundane daily interactions!

Here are 10 ways to use your Tile Mat to communicate with family, friends, neighbors, and even… delivery drivers.

If you are a Postmates regular…

The sheer thought of placing a pan on the stove exhausts you beyond measure and you prefer to leave food preparation to the professionals. We get it.

You can customize your Tile Mat to invoke warm and fuzzy feelings from every food delivery driver, even when you don’t make it to the door to greet them in person.

Try one of the following designs:

  • “Thank You”
  • “Yum!”
  • A Pac-Man mouth eating a piece of food

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If you love online shopping…

You enjoy the efficiency of online shopping: why pack the kids into the car when Amazon Prime will deliver your requested items by tomorrow?

Show those Amazon, UPS, and FedEx drivers some love with a sweet note on your Tile Mat:

  • “We [heart] UPS”
  • “Thanks UPS”
  • “You Rock”

If you have had a tough day…

The kids returned from Grandma’s house in a sugar-induced craze. WiFi dropped and you spent two hours troubleshooting with customer service subsequently missing your 10am Zoom.

Bad days happen.

Why not let your partner know before they walk through the door? If you have had a particularly tough day, take a minute to yourself and try one of these designs:

  • An extra-large wine glass (red, white, or rosé… your preference)
  • “I’m Tired”
  • “Need Hug”

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If the kids regularly track mud, paint, dog poop, or other unmentionables into the house…

While kids will be kids (and grow up to scold their kids for tracking mud), you can use our Tile Mat as a friendly reminder to wipe their feet before entering the house.

If the kids are old enough to read or at least identify cautionary colors and shapes, you can design your mat as follows:

  • “STOP! Wipe”
  • “WIPE! Please?”
  • A large stop sign with two footprints in the middle

If your child is graduating…

Graduations are a big deal. Your sweet baby is growing up, and you want to shout to the world just how proud you are of your exemplary student. While you can theoretically announce this accomplishment to the “world” on Instagram, why not turn this public statement into front porch decor?

Try one of the following Tile Mat designs to honor that little graduate:

  • Graduation cap + [Child’s Name]
  • “Class of [Year]”
  • [Child’s Name] + confetti design

A New Way to Communicate

We use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and whatever platform launches tomorrow to communicate with people we know and people we don’t know. Why not communicate with your Tile Mat?

We want to see your Tile Mat designs! Tag us on Instagram @letterfolk

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