Challenging Tile Mat Designs: Are You Up for the Challenge?


Jun 21, 2022



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Image for Challenging Tile Mat Designs: Are You Up for the Challenge?Image for Challenging Tile Mat Designs: Are You Up for the Challenge?

The Letterfolk Tile Mat can be a sleek and minimalist addition to your front porch decor with a chic “Hello” design, a repeating pattern, or any number of personalized designs. Or, you can turn your Tile Mat into an unexpected canvas for an artistic masterpiece!

If you are up for a challenge, you simply enjoy puzzles and crafting, or you desire to place the cherry on top of your carefully curated front porch decor with a spectacular door mat design… These jaw-dropping Tile Mat designs will have visitors, delivery heroes, and curious neighbors stunned by your Instagram-worthy front porch. Grab that glass (or bottle, depending on the day) of wine, get cozy at the kitchen table, and let the Tile Mat challenge begin!

If You’re a Bird, I’m a Bird

By @themidwestmob

Birds of a feather flock together. But, what do birds with 12 different colors in their feathers do? Stun visitors with their exquisite array of colors, of course.

This hummingbird design is an ode to gardens rich with insects and wildlife. You can swap the colors in this design with a palette better suited to your front porch decor or keep the colors exactly the same. However you choose to style your hummingbird, this door mat design is bound to give house guests a warm welcome.

Adventure is Out There…

By @nicolina

Are you ready for an adventure? You’re certainly in for one with the fine details of this Tile Mat design.

The beautiful, clean script and the colorful array of balloons are top-notch. You can alter the colors of the balloon bunch or swap the black script for a vibrant color if you prefer to maintain a specific color palette for your front porch decor.

This family-friendly design is guaranteed to pull on your heartstrings every time you reach the front door. How can it not when you think about sweet Russell’s pinchable cheeks and youthful exuberance for life?

Do or Do Not


There is no try with this design. Go big and embrace your Star Wars fanaticism with a fun (and wise) baby Yoda to greet guests at your front door.

With just 8 colors and lots of patience, you too can create a Yoda design that is guaranteed to bring a smile to any visitor’s face. Keep the color palette muted, or swap a few of the colors with pieces from our Fresh Tile Set to step-up the vibrancy.

Should I Stay or Should I Gough?

By @kenzkenz_

Let our Tile Mat be the canvas, upon which you can create an unbelievable masterpiece… like this depiction of Vincent van Gough’s “The Starry Night.”

If you have a deep appreciation for fine works of art, or you simply find this design aesthetically pleasing, a van Gough door mat will add an air of sophistication to your front porch decor.

Will You Accept the Challenge?

The design possibilities with the Tile Mat are limited only to the confinements of your imagination. Play around with designs, garner inspiration from our Instagram feed, or take a shot at one of these challenging designs for your own front porch decor.

Happy tiling!

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