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Jun 02, 2022



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A Swiss Army knife, the Ninja Foodi, and a Letterfolk Tile Mat have one thing in common. Can you guess?

They are all multi-functional products with incredible versatility. While you cannot air fry and pressure cook with a Tile Mat (that we know of), you can use this chic and utilitarian piece of front door decor in your bathroom, at the base of your staircase, in the laundry room, and many other places around your home.

We gathered a list of some unexpected, and some obvious, places you can put your Tile Mat to good use. Let’s explore the possibilities!

The Front Door

If you spend your nights sipping rosé and searching “front porch ideas,” “small front porch ideas,” and “front porch inspiration,” on Pinterest, you certainly know that curb appeal is everything. Our Tile Mat is what front porch dreams are made of; change your tile design on a whim or from season to season for instant festivity all year long.

Not only will the Tile Mat add a touch of personality to your front porch decor, it also does a stellar job trapping dirt, debris, and the 66 million organisms and 9 types of bacteria that compose “shoe scum” before it tracks through your home.

The Back Door

While front porch decor catches more passing eyeballs, the backyard entrance to your home may have heavier foot traffic from games of tag, outdoor BBQ’s, gardening, and more outdoor activities.

The Base of the Stairs

Do you have plush carpeting on the second floor? And kids who regularly forget to remove shoes before sprinting up the staircase? Place your Tile Mat at the base of the stairs for protective measure.

The Bath or Shower

The Tile Mat can prevent post-bath and shower slips and prevent mold growth from water spills. A “get naked” mat design can add a playful tone to your master bath while a kid-friendly design can keep children entertained while disrobing for bath time.

In the Kitchen

Prevent slips and floor damage in your kitchen by placing your Tile Mat below the kitchen sink. You can also take this opportunity to leave yourself motivational messages like “Just Clean It!” or “So Fresh”

In the Laundry Room

There are quite a few ways to make your Tile Mat work for you in the laundry room. If your laundry room has a sink, you can use your Tile Mat directly underneath the sink to prevent water spills from creating a hazardous working environment.

Additionally, the Tile Mat comes in handy when hand washing and line drying your clothing. Place your Tile Mat directly underneath clothing hung on a clothesline or horizontal bar to catch water drips. While the laundry room is not a particularly popular place to bring guests, a “Drip Drop” or “Make it Rain” design is sure to bring a smile to your face as you tend to your delicate clothing.

Tile Mat as You Wish

Show us how you use your Tile Mat. Tag us on Instagram @letterfolk with a picture of your Tile Mat in action. No idea is too big, no design is too small.

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