Abridged Journal


The Abridged Journal is the easiest way to create a daily habit of journaling. This beautiful, guided journal is the answer for those looking to record the most important moments of each day in a quick, meaningful way.

Daily entries include short, repeated prompts that help to draw out the moments that matter most in under 5-10 minutes each day. In addition, each week offers a new breakout prompt to explore a variety of themes and topics.

    Product Details
    223 pages (six months of entries)

    Premium, clothbound covers in three colors

    Acid-free paper

    5 ½" x 7 ½"
    13 oz.

    • Premium Materials

      The Abridged Journal is made from the best materials in a lay-flat design to ensure your memories are safe for years to come.
    • Habit Forming

      Through the daily and weekly prompts, the Abridged Journal is the easiest way to create a habit of journaling.
    • Daily Prompts

      Each daily prompt is designed to draw out proven psychological benefits of journaling, all in under 10 minutes a day.

    "A clear, focused and thoughtful guide to help you put down your day on paper. Short and sweet it has done its job well and made it clear to me that there is magic in the mundane."

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Incredible and inspiring!

    I got this journal as a gift a while ago, and I never thought I’d love it as much as I do! I’ve used it every single night since I got it about three months ago. This journal helps me to focus on myself, mature and grow mentally, and reflect. I’ve noticed so much self improvement since I began journaling! I hope someday I’ll be able to look back (maybe 50 years from now) and see all these wonderful memories and little notes to myself! Thank you for such a wonderful experience in such a perfect journal, letterfolk!


    Love this journal. It’s easy to establish a habit of journaling with it’s easy prompts. Just about finished with my first one and my only wish is that there was a 2.0 version with different breakout prompts. Love the idea of reanswering them a year later, but not sure enough will have happened to have as meaningful of responses after only 6 months. I may create my own just to keep things interesting for the second journal. Thanks for creating these!

    The only journal I've been able to keep up with!

    I love this layout! I'm one of those people who loves the idea of journaling, but can never stay with it! I've probably started over 50 journals in my life, only to have completed a few entries in each one. The "prompt" style of this journal makes it really easy to stay consistent with it. I love it because I have three small children, and I am able to capture the highlights of our busy, fun days in just a few minutes. I love going back through my entries and reading quotes that I've written down from my children, that I otherwise would have forgotten about!

    Writing an entry is like a big exhale at the end of the day

    I used to journal regularly, and I was extremely detailed. Thus, my journal entries for each day could end up being 2-3 pages long in a college-ruled notebook. When I started grad school, I didn't have time to write entries like that anymore. This journal has helped me record the most important things while still giving me time to reflect on the day. My favorite section is where you list things you're grateful for. Love this journal!


    I spent a year traveling across Canada and South America. Before I left my dad urged me to 'Write it down'. The exciting, the mundane, the highs and lows. To jot down a line or two each day because once time has passed all those nuanced parts of the experience, those seemingly unimportant parts of everyday life would fade. I followed his advice and he was right (as he usually is). That journal became a time capsule and as hard as I tried to fit that into everyday life once I was home it just didn't stick. Enter the abridged journal. A clear, focused and thoughtful guide to help you put down your day on paper. Short and sweet it has done it's job well and made it clear to me that there is magic in the mundane. Plus also, I no longer have to begin an entry with the shameful 'Dear journal, I'm sorry it's been so long...' .