Holiday Restock Info

If you're on this page and reading this, it likely means you're looking for a board that's out of stock. Sorry! We understand your frustration, and we're working our hardest to restock as many boards as possible through the holidays. Here are some more details about when those restocks will be happening and some other frequently asked questions:

The Basics

  • Holiday restocks will be happening every Tuesday and Thursday¬†mornings at 7am PST / 10am EST
  • Quantities for each board type and letter set size will be limited, so most items will sell out quickly. Please note that even if an item is in your cart, it is not actually yours UNTIL you check out
  • We will try to restock ALL items on our restock days, but certain items may be unavailable until a future restock
  • We are not currently taking pre-orders on any items to ensure that we can fulfill all orders in a timely manner and guarantee delivery by Christmas
  • If you're looking to gift a Letterfolk board to¬†a lucky someone but you're not sure which one they'd like (or it's out of stock), consider getting them a gift card. We offer digital cards (sent via email) or physical cards (sent via mail)
  • Letterfolk boards are handcrafted in the USA. Inventory constraints are the byproduct of each board taking a significant amount of labor, time, and attention to detail

Shipping Details

  • All orders are guaranteed delivery before Christmas. We typically get orders prepped and shipped out within 2-4 business days and delivered within 1-5 business days after that
  • Local pick-ups are not currently available

A Final Note

  • Our small business appreciates all of your amazing support and thanks you for your patience and understanding. You're the best, and we really, really appreciate you.