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Letterfolk values good words. Funny, inspirational, snarky, motivational, thought-provoking — we like them all, so long they’re good. We’re looking for more of them to share with our growing audience. The very best will adorn greeting cards and other products in a soon-to-be-released paper product line. Others will be used as messages as part of our @letterfolk Instagram account. So if you can write good words, we’ll pay you for them. 


We’ll pay you to write clever headlines. 

How It Works
  • Apply to be part of the Writerfolk team
  • Selected writers will complete required paperwork
  • Writers will be invited to Creative Rounds
  • Each Creative Round will include a creative brief with requirements, submission topics, and deadline
  • Writers will submit headlines and/or other creative work
  • At conclusion of Creative Round, Letterfolk team will review submissions
  • Chosen submissions will be classified for promotional use (headlines for Instagram account and/or other promotional campaigns) or product use (headlines for greeting cards, notebook covers, etc.)
  • Writers will be notified of selected submissions and paid
  • Selected writers will be invited to new Creative Rounds, as needed
  • Invitation to and completion of Creative Round: $100
  • Approved submission for promotional use: $10/line
  • Approved submission for product use: $75/line
Payment Details

All writers will be paid via PayPal. W9s will be collected by all writers who earn more than $600 in compensation.


Our audience is comprised of 90% women. Half of those women are between the ages of 25-34 with the remaining balance made up of an equal split between the 18-24 and 35-44 age groups. Most of them are mothers. They’re real people with real lives and enjoy #realtalk. They accept that parenting is hard, Netflix is a godsend, and that sometimes a girl just needs a donut/taco. They do their best to stay well-read and current, but they probably feel more comfortable relishing in 90s nostalgia than TSwift’s newest boytoy. They like to laugh, and they like to share what they’re laughing about. They want their friends to know they care, but in a way that matches their snarky, down-to-earth, fun personality.

Brand Voice

See @letterfolk Instagram feed (both board messages and captions)

Application Process

Fill out the application with your contact information and prior professional writing experience (not required, but a plus). As part of the Writerfolk selection process, you will be asked to submit three general #letterfolkquotes headlines and three birthday card headlines. These are intended for you to showcase your voice, humor, and ability to connect to our audience. Letterfolk will then review and contact selected writers with next steps.

Game to write some words and make some dough?

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