Design of the Month Bundle + Tile Mat

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The best thing about our Tile Mat? You can switch up the design for any reason or season. To keep folks like you inspired, we create a brand-new design each month to celebrate big and small moments we love throughout the calendar year.

The Tile Mat is intended for low-to-medium foot traffic in residential settings. While most dirt and debris can be easily cleaned with dish soap and an abrasive brush, please note that oil-based residues may stain. Please also note that any liquids likely to stain fabric may also stain your Tile Mat.

5 Unique Features of the Tile Mat

The Letterfolk community has a lot to say. Get inspired by their unique Tile Mat ideas.

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Includes 150 soft, flexible tiles with a mesh bag for storage

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Can be used anywhere in your home

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Choose over 20 tile colors to create designs on the Tile Mat

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Weather Proof

Made with a sturdy silicone material but soft on feet

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Easy to Clean

A brush and water will do but tiles can be vacuumed or thrown in the dishwasher

Image for Learn more about why Folks love the TIle Mat....
Image for Learn more about why Folks love the TIle Mat....

Meet the Tile Mat

Learn more about why Folks love the TIle Mat.

Meet the Tile Mat

Learn more about why Folks love the TIle Mat.



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Allison B.Verified
The mat itself is great.
The mat itself is great. It went on sale a day or two after purchase, contacted customer service twice and never heard back which was a bummer.
Barry B.Verified
Easy to work with and
Easy to work with and adds a nice touch to our front porch.
Jerri J.Verified
Letter mat
It was a gift for our daughter but she loves it! Looks really great!
Mallory R.Verified
Design of the Month
The mat is sturdy and the pieces feel great. They are time consuming to snap on(probably a good thing so they don't just pop off). I didn't read the mat size and it is smaller than I thought it would be.
Allison H.Verified
Great product, not great customer service.
The tile mat is great. It's the second one I've bought as a gift. However, the box arrived wet and damaged. I emailed customer service about the issue. I'm sure it was something that happened during shipping, but since it was a gift, I did not really want to give the gift in that state. I sent pics to customer service and explained the issue and never received a reply. So the product is great, customer service not so much.