Design of the Month Bundle + Tile Mat

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The best thing about our Tile Mat? You can switch up the design for any reason or season. To keep folks like you inspired, we create a brand-new design each month to celebrate big and small moments we love throughout the calendar year.

The Tile Mat is intended for low-to-medium foot traffic in residential settings. While most dirt and debris can be easily cleaned with dish soap and an abrasive brush, please note that oil-based residues may stain. Please also note that any liquids likely to stain fabric may also stain your Tile Mat.

5 Unique Features of the Tile Mat

The Letterfolk community has a lot to say. Get inspired by their unique Tile Mat ideas.

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Includes 150 soft, flexible tiles with a mesh bag for storage

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Can be used anywhere in your home

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Choose over 20 tile colors to create designs on the Tile Mat

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Weather Proof

Made with a sturdy silicone material but soft on feet

Image for Easy to Clean...

Easy to Clean

A brush and water will do but tiles can be vacuumed or thrown in the dishwasher

Image for Learn more about why Folks love the TIle Mat....
Image for Learn more about why Folks love the TIle Mat....

Meet the Tile Mat

Learn more about why Folks love the TIle Mat.

Meet the Tile Mat

Learn more about why Folks love the TIle Mat.



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Karen D.Verified
It was a gift! The
It was a gift! The person receiving it was thrilled and even ordered more tiles so she could expand her design!
Kim K.Verified
I should have done this sooner!!
I have been eye-balling Letterfolk for almost 6m and finally bought one. I made my mat on Saturday and I LOVE it!! So fun!! I already ordered my sets and started a folder for screenshots of other patterns I want to make (after football season, of course 😉). Such a great product and amazing customer service!
Scott L.Verified
The Perfect Gift
I surprised my wife with a large mat and tile sets as part of her birthday gift. She loved them and went straight to designing.
ashley m.Verified
Love the product, concept, and the ghost design. However, I’m super disappointed- I’ve had my rug out since Sunday in partial sunlight and the neon colors are so faded, they nearly all look the same. Not what I expected.
Annette S.Verified
Love it
Love it