Design of the Month Bundle

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The best thing about our Tile Mat? You can switch up the design for any reason or season. To keep folks like you inspired, we create a brand-new design each month to celebrate big and small moments we love throughout the calendar year.

The Tile Mat is intended for low-to-medium foot traffic in residential settings. While most dirt and debris can be easily cleaned with dish soap and an abrasive brush, please note that oil-based residues may stain. Please also note that any liquids likely to stain fabric may also stain your Tile Mat.

A person designing a Tile Mat with Tile Sets
A person designing a Tile Mat with Tile Sets

Map Out Your Masterpiece

Have a vision for your next design? Plan out every tile, with our Tile Mat Design Tool.



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Barbara C.Verified
Ghosts Abound and One Goblin
I got the glow in the dark ghost pattern for Halloween. I love it, but I've had ongoing issues with getting the tiles (especially the glow in the dark ones) to fit and click into the mat. I think this will diminish as I get more experience. I can't wait to get rid of the Goblin tile issues and showcase my ghosts!
Martha B.Verified
I purchased the large rug mat along with the glow in the dark set for Halloween. The image shows everything in black expect for the glow in the dark pieces. To my surprise, the black pieces that came with the rug barely covered 1/16th of the rug. I know how many tiles come per set but a count of how many tiles fit on the rug would have been useful. Oversight on my part but also somewhat misleading. Ended up having to leave the rug white with the glow in the dark pieces
Michelle C.Verified
Love the tiles
These are so much fun to do with my daughter. We have a great time designing new mats together. These looks good on the white map in the daylight, unfortunately they don’t seem to have much glow in them. I haven’t tried with a black light though.
Brandi M.Verified
So fun and cute!!!
These glow in the dark tiles are so fun and glow really well! Love them for Halloween!
Tonya K.Verified
Mermaids, the sea, and sparkle
I’m just enjoying my tile mat and tiles in general. It’s fun to drag your creative side out for a bit and think up different designs and/or sayings for your mat. I was glad to see the silver in a tile, and I really like this particular bundle, it reminds me of being under the sea.. mermaids, sea, and sparkle.