Magical Day Passport

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The Magical Day Passport contains 20 entry logs to record meaningful details of each visit to Disney parks.

Each entry page is accompanied by a blank page for sketches, memories, or affixing mementos like stamps or photos. The back pages of the Magical Day Passport include bucket lists, character signatures, and checklists.

  • Materials: foil-stamped stipple cover & center-sewn binding
  • Page Count: 48 Pages (20 Magical Days, 8 Bonus Pages)
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 5.5"
  • Weight: 2 oz

Jot Down Your Memories

Our family of Passports encourages you to slow down, observe, and take notes to capture life’s moments. After all, looking back is half the fun.

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An overhead shot of three Letterfolk stationary passports.
An overhead shot of three Letterfolk stationary passports.



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Sean I.Verified
The magic keeps on going with this passport!
I bought my first Magical Day passport in 2018 and just got to finish it this past summer in 2022!!! Words can't express how magical (yes, that was intended) it is to be able to look at Disneyland trips over the past few years. I am able to flip through and remember each trip in a much more vivid, detailed way than I would have been able to without the Passport. I remember when I bought specific souvenirs, which characters I got to see, and I even finally have the perfect spot to tape in the paper tickets and other little mementos (I highly recommend taking a Polaroid camera, the pictures fit great in the Passport!!) It's small and easy to bring with me on vacation. I bought my second one and am ready to start filling it up in a few months when I head back to Disneyland!!! Any repeat Disney-goer HAS to buy this Passport!!!!
Nicole M.Verified
Magical Day- complete!
I bought the books so my children (& their cousins) could document their trip. Not only we’re they super excited but immediately started documenting EVERYTHING. The book is very detailed and allows them to add in parts they might not have contemplated before. So excited to continue this tradition going forward for them!
Laura N.Verified
Love this!
I got this for my daughter since there were no kids ones available and she's loved writing and drawing in this journal
Anastasia H.Verified
Love this journal!
I moved to Orlando in 2020, and have been at Disney about once a week since I arrived. This little book gives me a great way to save all my memories! I am not the scrap-booker type, nor am I good at keeping a diary. This type of micro-journaling is great for me, because it is so QUICK. I wish I had started years ago... so many Disney days lost. I am often solo in the parks, and I take a ton of photos. At the end of the day, I choose a great pic to remember the day, then print it and paste it alongside my written memories. I am on Volume III now! LOVE these little books.
Stephanie W.Verified
Almost perfect!
I love the notebook! It’s well-designed and super cute. Beware if you have large handwriting, this may not be for you. The things I would change: - make it more Disney-centric and not just for Disneyland - add a page in between title page and first entry (the ink bled through and looks messy) - more ride pages (I ran out and didn’t even list al of the WDW rides)