Mega Tile Mat

Letterfolk’s newest Tile Mat is our biggest arrival yet! The Mega Tile Mat, our reimagined, all-purpose mat is functional, beautiful, and—most importantly—large enough to comfortably fit your entire family.

  • Made with semi-durable, ultra-flex vinyl
  • Includes 15,000 Black Tiles and an lightly-used Shipping Container for Tile Storage
  • Standard Dimensions: 96" x 120" x 1” (8 x 10 feet)
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • April Fools’! But be sure to get on our waitlist for restocked Tile Sets and Tile Set Bundles so you can keep creating with our other Tile Mats!

Please note, our Mega Tile Mat requires professional handling—at least four adults must be present for transportation. The Mega Tile Mat is drive-thru car-wash-safe, however, we recommend a fire house for a deeper clean.

Tell Your Story

With the Tile Mat, you fill in the blanks. Create your own designs for any reason or season, and add a little personality to your place.

A tile mat being used inside someones home.
A tile mat being used inside someones home.

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