Tile Mat (Warehouse Sale)


This Online Warehouse Sale product has minor imperfections such as blemishes, slight discoloration, or other superficial irregularities. All Tile Mats are fully functional and come with a full, new Black Tile Set. All sales are final – no returns or exchanges. Please review our Online Warehouse Sale FAQ before ordering to learn more. 

Tile Mat ™ is an all-purpose mat that’s functional, beautiful, and — most importantly — customizable. Its timeless, vintage-inspired hexagon tile design and removable caps can be used to create endless patterns, designs, and words.

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* Use & Care Disclaimer: Tile Mat is intended for low-to-medium foot traffic in residential settings. While most dirt and debris can be easily cleaned with dish soap and an abrasive brush, please note that oil-based residues may stain. Please also note that any liquids likely to stain fabric may also stain your Tile Mat.

Product Details
Standard: 150 BLACK TILES
Large: 200 BLACK TILES
Mesh cotton bag for tile storage

RUBBER-LIKE Flexible Vinyl

Standard: 18" x 30" x 0.25"
Large: 24" x 36" x 0.25"
Standard: 5 lbs
Large: 8 lbs

  • Customizable Designs

    Includes 150 soft, flexible tiles ready to be placed over and over again for endless custom designs and messages.
  • Versatile Mat

    Can be used as a doormat or anywhere else feet may step – kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, etc.
  • Durable Construction

    Made of a rubber-like material that's tough on shoes but soft on bare feet.

"No matter the season or occasion, you can change your Tile Mat’s design over and over again all year round."

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